Take a Walk
on the Iowa side

Take a Walk on the Iowa side

Welcome to Iowa!

Welcome to Iowa, and our new website for the WanderLoess Hills and surrounding community!

We’re glad you stopped by to check us out. It all started with an Instagram hashtag by some local bicycle riders. WanderLoess is a play on words–“wanderlust” meaning a desire to travel and explore, and “loess” (pronounced ‘luss,’ rhyming with ‘bus’) being our local soils. Wander evokes exploration, curiosity, and learning about local places. We are focused on our local communities which are unlike anywhere else in the world.

WanderLoess was conceptualized in 2015 during a planning process for Harrison, Pottawattamie, and Mills counties. The project, called the Loess Hills Missouri River Region Parks to People Plan, identified rural arts and cultural program development as a priority for Southwest Iowa.

​The program was initially called “Porchlights” and was envisioned to include “Coordination of talented artisans, naturalists, chefs and performers translates into an exceptional online and off-line events calendar which delivers education, recreation, local food experiences, arts, and entertainment.”

​WanderLoess is a “museum and folk school without walls,” where local residents and visitors can learn about the myriad arts and cultural activities happening throughout the region. We aggregate sites and events in a one-stop shop for all things arts and culture in Southwest Iowa, in addition to hosting a few events of our own.

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